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Jeff BlockFor me, God-willing, it’s the 3rd quarter. Half time.

The first 20 years of my life were at home and at school. Growing up. Becoming independent and wise in my own eyes. I decided to become a software engineer when I was eight, got my first computer when I turned 10, and never looked back.

The second 20 years were my professional career. I became a Christian within days of my 20th birthday, but nonetheless, spent the vast majority of that time making decisions based on what would A) make more money and B) be approved by the people around me. For years the feeling of wind slipping through my fingers and the sound of the clock ticking have been more pronounced and disconcerting.

Beginning to feel the clock ticking

Beginning to feel the clock ticking

I’m 40 years old as I write this, and God has clearly set me on a mission to take a less traveled road. So, the next 20 years, as long as the Lord provides, are about Him, not me. Specifically, teaching the Word. Where I have to-date tried to squeeze in ministry around work, I’m hoping to do a lot more squeezing in work around ministry.

God’s Word and people are the only things that will last forever. “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” (Isaiah 40:8 ESV) As long as God gives me strength, I want to spend it on these things. If I’m going to exhaust myself on anything, it’s that.

What else?

I’m a husband and a father, a son and a brother. I’m pretty nerdy, loving to learn about pretty much anything. I’m overly opinionated, typically pretty fun, and people tell me I am a big presence in any room. I love food, movies and playing games with friends.

And I’m caught in the overwhelming current of God’s love for me. Sometimes I swim with it, and experience with amazement the superiority of the life lived in Christ. Other times, I swim against the current, but He overpowers me and I go where He’s taking me anyway. So it’s important to know about me that I’m learning a little more each year to swim downstream.

God's love is an overwhelming current

God’s love is an overwhelming current

11 Responses to About Me

  1. David Borck says:

    Hi Jeff. I’m a 44yr old father of 5 children, husband of 1 beautiful wife. Second marriage for both of us. We came together mainly because we were both headed the same direction, towards God. We both got custody of our kids, our ex’s don’t seem to be too concerned with the spiritual upbringing of our children, but luckily, they don’t fight our desire for it. My wife is in the process of schooling for youth activities director, it is her calling, although she fought it tooth and nail for a good year. I’m involved in a mens accountability group, and I’m trying to get a puppet ministry off the ground. I have to sign off, the kids are up, and I need to get them ready for school. Later brother.


  2. David Hines says:


    This will be short but I just had to say HI and tell you how much I enjoy your web sites. I am also a Christian. I am 47 years old and I live in Wildomar, California. I would love to talk sometime and/or email and become friends. I have alot of time to spend reading and surfing the net etc. I became disabled earlier this year and I spend alot of time in my home. Ok, I said this would be short and I have to stick to that because if I don’t I’ll be up all night typing and reading.

    Until next time my Christian Brother,


  3. Kelli Ray says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I came upon your blog by referencing Shekinah Home. We are also adopting from here. Just received our referral two weeks ago. I would like to ask you more questions but not on open forum. Would you or your wife email me? Thanks for the info about the home and pictures- I am overwhelmed by the prayers that have been answered already in our adoption process- God is Good!!!!


  4. anne leske says:

    hello jeff,
    This is anne from australia,born in philippines,so im a filipino,I am 32 yrs old,and happily married with an australian man but Idont have a child,Ihave faith in god, and I know if its his well to give me a hild of my own.I was a catholic before,but eversince I never like praying in front of many idols but now praise god, I am a christian and found god at last in my maried life…I was enjoying reading your website,I was reading the economic issues of philippines and youre right AND ITS ALL TRUE.I am just lucky enough that i have a very god fearing family,helpful and just beautiful family.
    I am not sure if i can have a child of my own, and since i have a thriteen yrs old cousin which was abandoned by her mother,i want to adopt her, but i dont know how it works.coz i send a letter to australian immigration,i was told that we cannot adopt someone we know or related to me.but i know god is there to help us to make a way, but so far i am feeling hopeless,and im so grateful that i click this site and found out that i can ask some questions about adoption.
    god is really good and praise the lord…
    thanks a lot
    i can wait till you will be able to reply my message…

    god bless


  5. reynard bresler says:

    Jeff, a super site fella. Rey this side from South Africa, Pretoria. Male Singleton, Hetrosexual, Caucasian, 62 yrs so far and in the process of again, again giving over all to the Lord. The continual journey of some 39 years. Found your site while searching info. on the Valley of Jezereel which is a chapter in my book – The Camera and the Bible. No luck so far from American Christina publsihers, but Faith. God provides where he guides, he does not lend where he sends. Do keep me in your mailing loop and a suepr day to you in the states. Reynard.


  6. Emily says:

    Hey Jeff it’s Emily-for some reason you popped in my head and I knew I would have no problem finding you on the net. I married Scott-eventually and had three kids-two boys and one girl. I am so happy for you Faith and John! How things have changed from 15 years ago-all good :). Tell Faith I said hello.


  7. Allira says:

    My family has been allocated a girl from Shekinah Home. Would love to talk to you!


  8. Vimala says:

    Is there a telephone number or an email at which Brian or Joanne Whittle can be contacted?


    • Jeff Block says:

      Hi, Vimala. Thanks for posting. For your sake (and anyone else who might wonder in the future), I am unable to distribute the Whittle’s contact information. I’ll reach out to you in private, and we can figure something out. God bless you!


  9. MF says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Will you be able to provide me the contact details of the person in charge of Shekinah Home?thanks


  10. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s very encouraging, and I could relate . I agree fully that God’s love is an overwhelming current!


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