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Overpriced Olive Wood

Both leading up to the trip and once I got there, I heard a lot about the rules of shopping in Israel. Rule #1: Always haggle. If you buy the thing you’re looking at for sticker price, they’ll think you’re … Continue reading

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Fish Heads at Ein Gev

After our detour in the Golan Heights, we headed south along the east side of the Sea of Galilee to a little port village of Ein Gev, maybe 2/3 of the way down the lake. This was a place that … Continue reading

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I love my pastor

Pastor James is on sabbatical, and by the looks of it having a great time.  For those of you not on Twitter or who are but aren’t following James, here are some pictures… God bless you in your rest, bro!

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Bacon makes everything better?

Okay … I’m as much a lover of all things royally unhealthy as the next guy, but this is over the top for me.  Especially in my newly dietary, gym-loving (read: weakened) condition, this just about put me on the … Continue reading

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Now that I have started blogging again at some level, it’s only fair and just that I would stumble across this gem.  Thought I’d share. Now that’s just funny. For more excellence and beauty, visit

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Philippine Travel Log: Dinner with the Ramos family

When Faith originally mentioned the idea that we were going to meet up for dinner in Manila with a family she’d met on the Yahoo! adoption group, my first reaction was paranoia.  I was pretty (legitimately, I think) concerned about … Continue reading

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