A New Era for Television: the Slingbox

Sling Media announced recently the launch of three brand-new versions of their groundbreaking Slingbox product.  For those of you unfamiliar, this is a simple box that you plug into your entertainment center — plug one side into your A/V source, such as a TiVo, and the other into your home network — and suddenly, with minimal setup no monthly fees, you can watch your TV from anywhere.  Plug in your TiVo, and you can get your TiVo on your laptop at work.  Plug in your DVD player, and you can watch your DVD from your Windows Mobile 5 smart phone.  Any of the 500 deviced that can run the Slingplayer client make it possible to watch your TV from anywhere.

Sounds a bit like a commercial?  Well, it kinda is.  My company, Capable Networks, builds online communities.  Among quite a few others, we run the official user community for Sling Media — the Sling Community.  If you own a slingbox, want to own a slingbox, have had unexplained dreams recently about owning a slingbox, know someone with a slingbox, or think the slingbox would make a good Christmas present … then check out the community.  It’s one stop shopping for everything slingbox, including…

I mentioned that three new models were being released.  They are the Slingbox Tuner, the Slingbox A/V, and the Slingbox PRO.  One of our editors, Matt Whitlock, has also written a couple reviews of the slingbox — one when the original slingbox was released in July, 2005, and another one focusing on performance just today.  He also addresses the question “Which Slingbox is right for you?“, given that there’s some confusion around the three new units just released.

I normally don’t do these kinds of commercials on my blog, but this truly is a revolutionary product.  Plus, I’ve very seldom plugged any of our communities, and they’re all very useful and interesting.  If you like the Sling Community, you’ll definitely love Techlore and DVRplayground as well.  And coming soon, the new official user community for WowWee Robotics, the Robo Community (not quite up yet).  I’m “Jeff Block” on all of them.  PM me, and let me know what you think.

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1 Response to A New Era for Television: the Slingbox

  1. Neva says:

    Uh…yeah, pretty sure I’m not your target audience here. I’m not entirely sure what you meant by some of that, and the bits I did understand just made me think, “Why would I want to do that?” So yeah, probably not the target audience. Then again, I don’t really watch much TV, so that was probably a given.

    Anyway, hi, I’m still alive and checking in here now and then, just not saying much lately.


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