Tel Megiddo

Tel Megiddo

Megiddo is an area at the other end of the Valley of Jezreel from Mount Carmel. The word “tel” is Hebrew for “hill”. This is a high hill overlooking the Valley of Armageddon, a word derived from the word “Megiddo”. There we saw an archeological site which revealed 26 layers of history dating back to 4,000 BC. To give perspective, King David’s reign in the golden age of Israel was layer 16.

We saw the ruins of several cities which had been built on top of each other. One of the most amazing layers (can’t remember who built this) involved a somewhat unique system used to bring fresh water into the city. A fresh water source existed outside the city walls. They dug a hole about 100 feet deep inside the city, then they dug a tunnel through the rock like 200 feet from the water source to the bottom of the vertical hole, sloping from the source to the hole. Then they camouflaged the entrance to the tunnel.

So, the water flowed down the tunnel, and all they had to do was bucket the water up the vertical hole which was now basically a well. And when enemies besieged the city, they didn’t know this water was accessible to those inside the city, so it made them able to last much longer in the siege. Genius.

The reason so many layers existed here was that this is some of the most contested land in the whole world. It is so highly contested because it is at a major cross roads between the Via Mares (the intercontinental bridge between Africa and Europe) and the road through the Golan Heights to Damascus and beyond into Asia. Here’s a picture of the Via Mares of today:

Via Mares

Before embarking to explore any of this, though, we sat down for lunch. It was awesome. Pita with several kinds of meats and veggies. Simple, but I absolutely loved it. So far the food has been absolutely outstanding on this trip.

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