Modern Gates of Jerusalem

The “old city” in Jerusalem has eight modern gates. Read more about the gates of Jerusalem in ancient times. We saw several of them today as we were in and out of the city. I thought I’d add my own pictures, and give you a brief sentence or two about the gates. Another place you could check out the history of how the gates were built, sealed, opened, closed, etc is Wikipedia.

Lion’s Gate

Lion's Gate

Located on the north side of the eastern wall. We drove by this gate repeatedly to get into the city, because our hotel was to the NE. This gate is also called St. Stephen’s Gate or Sheep Gate. This is where Stephen was stoned at the end of Acts 7, and where Jesus likely exited the city carrying the cross to Golgotha to be crucified.

Eastern or Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Located due east of the Dome of the Rock on the eastern wall. This gate was sealed by the Muslims because of the prophecy in Scripture that the Messiah will enter the city through this gate.

Dung Gate

Dung Gate

Located on the east end of the southern side of the city. This is the gate from which all the garbage was taken from the city and thrown into the Valley of Gehenna, both in ancient times and after the walls were rebuilt during the Muslim era. Jesus referred Gehenna in alluding to hell because the flames that burned from the methane created by the garbage in the valley never went out. This gate is a main thoroughfare for vehicles, having been enlarged since Israel was restored in 1948. We entered through this gate to get to the Temple Mount.

Zion Gate

Located in the middle of the south southern wall. Also known as David’s Gate, this gate leads from the Armenian and Jewish quarters out of the old city to the area referred to as David’s city and Mount Zion. I do not have a picture of this gate either.

Jaffa Gate

Located in the middle of the west wall. We never got near this gate, so I have no pictures of it.

New Gate

Located on the west end of the north wall. I have no idea about this gate either.

Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate

Located in the middle of the north wall. Especially in ancient times, if you were heading north through Galilee and then east through the Golan Heights to Damascus, you would have departed Jerusalem through this gate.

Herod’s Gate

Herod's Gate

Located on the east end of the north wall. The Herod Gate was so named because it was believed that this was the site of the home of Herod Antipas (son of Herod the Great) in the time of Christ. The Crusaders therefore built a church there in the 12th century. The church was eventually razed by the Muslims and replaced by a masque. This gate is an entry way to the Muslim quarter in the old city.

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