Counting Down to Departure for Uganda


Countdown to departure for Uganda: T-2 days

I leave Monday! And I wanted to share with you a few miscellaneous updates as the hour draws near…

Packing for something like this is crazy

A picture is worth 1,000 words. This is nuts. Pray for me that I don’t leave anything critical behind, and that I’ll be able to make it all fit. I have to take dress clothes, work clothes, and everything in between.

Packing for Uganda

On a low-level practical note, I’m failing in the hunt for an ultra-sexy safari hat. They’re all too big or too small. My giant melon head is not cooperating. So, looks like I’ll be running with the Faith plan. She was adamant: “You only buy a safari hat when you’re on safari (in Africa).” So, pray wth me that I can find one quick when I get to Kampala.

Initial schedule received

Speaking of Kampala, I have the first glimpse of a loose schedule (welcome to a totally different culture!), so I thought I’d share that. When I get the full, official version, I’ll post that as well. We fly out Monday, land Tuesday. We’ll spend 1 day in Kampala, then  3 days at Uganda Christian University (5/17-20), then a week in Mbale working with Jenga (5/20-26), then back to Kampala for 3 days (5/27-29), then back to Chicago on Tues, 5/30. The trip back is against the time zones, so we’ll literally land at O’Hare before we left. That should make for some rockus fun in terms of jetlag.

Meds start today

Uganda MedsIn other news, my first dose of anti-malarial meds is today. Side effects include really funky dreams, even hallucinations … and I sunburn more easily. LOL. Please pray for all that … particularly, that I react well to the meds in general.

My wonderful church is sending me tomorrow

Our community group at church will be praying for us and “sending” me as a missionary tomorrow. I’m so blessed that they have that kind of heart. I strongly believe that missionaries shouldn’t just “go places,” but churches should send missionaries places. They agree, which is such a blessing. I’ll post a picture or two if I can.

My wonderful parents are helping us

My folks are coming up toward the end of the trip to help us out by being with John and just being generally available to us, since I’m sure Faith will need an extra set of hands. We are SO grateful for them and for their hearts to serve us. Plus, it’ll be super great to come home to all of us together!

Okay, that’s the update for today. Starting to get pretty excited (and a little nervous). Keep praying.

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