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Not Qualified for Anything

In my life as a consultant manager, I’ve done a ton of recruiting. Over time, the various teams I’ve led have set out to hire all kinds of people — from narrowly-specialized technicians to broad generalists, from entry level worker bees … Continue reading

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The Gift of Certainty

Can we be certain about the purpose of our lives? What has God put us here to do? When I think about these questions, I have moments of crystal clarity. Sometimes, I feel like “the arrow that springs from the bow” — … Continue reading

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Let revival come… Once I have made known your name…

We sang our hearts out in prayer for revival this Sunday, and I haven’t been able to put “Come to the Water” down since then. It’s Tuesday, and I’ve probably listened to it 10 times since Sunday. Absolutely love this … Continue reading

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Mount of the Beatitudes

After another olive oil soaked breakfast, we made our way to the Mount of the Beatitudes to a spot near where Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount. There is of course a church built there … Continue reading

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