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The Allure of the Dream World

We avoid pain because… We love our dream and don’t want to wake up Have you noticed that we humans are a stockpiling people? Even those of us who aren’t too good at savings accounts know how to accumulate stuff we … Continue reading

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A Clear Context for Suffering

We avoid pain because… We have cultivated unhealthy perspectives God commonly uses pain and suffering in people’s lives to get their attention and to grow  them up into spiritual maturity. Nonetheless, most people work very hard to avoid pain. Why is … Continue reading

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Idol-Snatching Ninjas

God causes suffering in order to wrestle our idols away from us Pain and suffering play a key role in our sanctification. Without them, we might become content with earthly things, which cannot ultimately satisfy us. When life is peachy, we tend to … Continue reading

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The Potential Sin of Time Travel

Well, today’s the day. October 21st, 2015. Thirty years ago, intrepid time travelers Emmett Brown and Marty McFly journeyed to the future to avert disaster and save the McFly family from untimely (sorry!) decline. As a result, so many questions linger … Continue reading

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Church of Agony / Church of All Nations

I thought about entitling this blog entry, “How I wasted an hour of my life in some dingy Catholic ‘church’ on the Mount of Olives”, but I figured that might be a little harsh. Instead, I’ll try make this brief, … Continue reading

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