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Idol-Snatching Ninjas

God causes suffering in order to wrestle our idols away from us Pain and suffering play a key role in our sanctification. Without them, we might become content with earthly things, which cannot ultimately satisfy us. When life is peachy, we tend to … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t More Intellectuals Believers?

I came across an interesting article on Facebook recently entitled, “Why Aren’t More Intellectuals Believers?” (link to the original article), written by David Denison. His article is essentially a reaction to a study conducted by the University of Rochester entitled “Studies … Continue reading

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On Life

People get just about everything backwards. It’s one of our strongest “gifts”. Maybe “propensities” would be a better word. As a broken and sinful people, we have the seriously unfortunate tendency to call light “darkness” and up “down”. We call … Continue reading

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Back to a Better Church?

In a recent assignment for my Church History class, I was confronted with the following question that I found extremely interesting and thought provoking. Other than having to respond to it with pen and paper (confirming forever the reality of … Continue reading

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