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The Muslim Quarter and Jerusalem Markets

Our tour today briefly took us through the Muslim quarter in the old city, as we walked from the Temple Mount esplanade (near the eastern gate), past the pool of Bethesda, to Antonia’s fortress, and briefly down part of the … Continue reading

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Modern Gates of Jerusalem

The “old city” in Jerusalem has eight modern gates. Read more about the gates of Jerusalem in ancient times. We saw several of them today as we were in and out of the city. I thought I’d add my own … Continue reading

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Model of Jerusalem in Jesus’ Day

To wrap up day 5 of our tour, we stopped at a museum and saw an amazing 1:50 scale model of the city of Jerusalem during the first temple period. This is how the city would have looked during Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Mount Zion and the Upper Room

After we left Caiaphas’s house, we boarded the bus, drove a block or so, parked the bus, and disembarked. We were still on Mount Zion, just down the street from Caiaphas’s place, at the tomb where it’s believed David is … Continue reading

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The House of Caiaphas

Matthew 26 records that, on Thursday night after the last supper with His disciples, Jesus retreated to the Mount of Olives to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. He typically went alone, but this time asked Peter, James, and John … Continue reading

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Church of Agony / Church of All Nations

I thought about entitling this blog entry, “How I wasted an hour of my life in some dingy Catholic ‘church’ on the Mount of Olives”, but I figured that might be a little harsh. Instead, I’ll try make this brief, … Continue reading

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